A crisp, clean vodka made from local Wisconsin wheat. Triple distilled in small batches to retain the wheat’s character, this vodka is the perfect base for your preferred cocktail.

SALTY DOG Coffee Vodka

A blend of our vodka, Pyramid Roaster’s cold brew coffee and turbinado syrup creates a rich, indulgent coffee vodka. With a strong note of dark chocolate it can be enjoyed on the rocks, in a mocha martini or in a White Russian.

SALTY DOG Limoncello Vodka

This tangy, slightly sour and delicious spirit was made by soaking organic lemon zest in our Wheat Vodka for about 5 months. A perfect summer drink it can be easily enjoyed on the rocks or with your favorite seltzer or juice!

SALTY DOG Smoked Spicy Pepper Vodka

Made by steeping serrano peppers in our wheat vodka, this spirit has a mighty strong kick! Spicy and smokey in equal measure it gives a zing to a Bloody Mary or Paloma.


Western-style, botanical-forward gin made from a delicate blend of citrus, fennel, elderberry, hops, cardamom, and just the right amount of juniper and coriander. Bright floral, fruit and spice notes backed with soft and subtle pine.

SALTY DOG Barrel Finished Gin

By resting our Wisconsin Gin in a charred oak barrel we create an entirely new way to experience gin! Flavors of caramel, vanilla and oak combine with the gin botanicals to create a luscious liquor with a sweet, bright entry and a dry juniper finish.

SALTY DOG Rye Whiskey

Mash bill 86% Wisconsin Rye, 14% Malted Barley. Our rye whiskey is bursting with spicy, fruity flavors and has a significant malt component to give it a semi-sweet bready flavor . Nose: Black tea, figs and cinnamon Taste: Mint, butterscotch, black pepper, dried apricot and malted milk balls.

SALTY DOG Cask Strength Rye Whiskey

Mash bill 86% Wisconsin Rye, 14% Malted Barley. Not for the faint of heart, this rye is a tribute to the power and depth of a grain-forward rye whiskey. It was purposefully aged only a year and seven months so that the spice of the rye wasn’t overtaken by the sweetness of the barrel. At full strength this whiskey will, as Head Distiller Edd puts it, “stomp on your tongue, but in a good way”. You can also experiment with adding water to it to see how it tastes at different proofs or make a mighty strong Manhattan with it. Nose: Black tea, plums, eucalyptus and clove Taste: Hot peppers, dried fruits, baking spices, and dark chocolate.

SALTY DOG Bourbon Whiskey

Made in small batches, this blend features straight bourbons from many great whiskey making states including Kentucky, Tennessee, and, of course, Wisconsin. Selected and blended with care, each batch is guaranteed to be a unique expression that captures different elements of what makes bourbon such a special drink.

SALTY DOG Apple Brandy

Rescued from a distillery on the east coast this brandy is bursting with green apple, citrus, honey and a wisp of oak. Makes and excellent Wisconsin-style Old Fashioned or Brandy Alexander.